In order to provide a suitable environment for residents that lack adequate cooling during the summer months, the Borough of Sayreville along with Sayreville Emergency Management are enacting the following policy effective 7/9/2024:

☀️When the weather forecast indicates temperatures of 90F or greater, the Active Adult Center (formerly Senior Center) located at 423 Main Street will be utilized as a cooling center for the public.

☀️The center shall be open from 8AM until sunset on days that meet these criteria.

☀️Additionally, in the event of a large-scale power outage, the Center can be opened by OEM. In this instance, notifications will be posted via Social Media and via the Borough's Mass Notification System (Hyper-Reach).

☀️Daily notices will be posted via Social Media to serve as reminders when the center is open.

☀️The lobby of Sayreville Police Department Headquarters will continue to remain as an emergency cooling shelter for after hours.