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Mayor's Page

Mayor Kennedy O'Brien



Mailing Address
167 Main Street
Sayreville, NJ 08872



Office hours by appointment only.

Message to Residents:

Good afternoon, everyone. Happy New Year and thank you all for coming to our annual reorganization meeting.

      I have to say I am so humbled and honored to be here today, taking my sixth oath of office as your mayor. I’ve never been one to take compliments well, and the warm reception you have given me here today is of no exception. Please accept my most heartfelt gratitude.

      I am deeply appreciative of the faith and confidence that you have shown in me, giving me the opportunity to return to a job that I love, for a community that I love.

      Four years ago, one of the most difficult moments in my life was deciding to step down as your mayor and end my official role in public service. But Janice needed me at the time, as she was battling cancer. 

      I knew it was the right thing to be by her side and help her in any way I could, so in the end the choice was an easy one for me. I want to thank everyone who prayed for Janice – the people who would stop us at the ShopRite to ask about her health, the people who would send emails and handwritten notes and those who offered a special prayer for Janice at church.

        I am so pleased to be able to tell everyone here that Janice is now cancer-free….   

      And I am back, to serve the people of Sayreville.

      There is a lot happening in the world these days, and much of it is not good.

      But we are not here, at Borough Hall, to solve the world’s problems; that is beyond our power. You have elected this Borough Council and me to do a very specific job: to provide you with the best municipal services at the lowest cost possible.

      The people you see on this dais – while they all are Republicans – that’s not what is important. No matter their opinions on national debt, or global warming, or foreign wars – or if Travis Kelcey should marry Taylor Swift – …it is not why they are all here.

      We are here to make sure your trash is regularly picked up, that the snow is plowed, the leaves are picked up, the library embraces the latest technology, the municipal parks are in great shape and safe for your children, and that the police, fire, and emergency squads are well-trained and well-equipped.

      As mayor, with plenty of experience, my job is to make sure it all happens.  There is plenty on our plate for 2024, and here are just some examples:

      Traffic is a huge issue in Sayreville and, trust me, I know it, living in a busy neighborhood between Ernston Road, Bordentown Avenue and Washington Road. Over the past four years, there has been a tremendous spike in the number of cars and trucks on our local roads.

      That is why I have been meeting with Police Chief Daniel Plumacker and have directed him to develop traffic studies – the first step in providing the relief that we all need.  But I’m not interested in just studies. Both the chief and I want to quickly develop real solutions that can be implemented this year, as part of an ongoing effort to address traffic.

      Another critical issue is the need to repair and replace roads throughout town. Sayreville has about 600 streets and our crews have only addressed a handful of them each year. Meanwhile, others are crumbling – evident throughout the campaign season as I knocked on doors and voters pointed out potholes. The roads will get fixed.

      Thirdly, we are squarely focused on improving the quality and quantity of athletic fields in Sayreville. While our kids are not professional athletes, they certainly deserve to play in facilities that are of similar quality to their “away” games.  Attending a youth sporting event in Sayreville should fill one with pride and that includes making sure the playing surfaces are on par with surrounding communities.

      You will be hearing plenty more from me in the coming weeks and months, as the Borough Council and the Administration work through the priorities that I am establishing.

      Over the past four years, I’ve spent plenty of time speaking with you about the future of Sayreville. I’ve listened and I’ve learned and, together, we will be implementing the initiatives and goals to serve you and next generation of residents.

      It is time to get to work and – after 4 years on the sidelines – I’m ready to begin!

     Thank you all again for your trust and support. May God bless America, may God bless Sayreville, and may God bless our men and women in the military defending our democracy across the globe.