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Please view our listing of frequently asked questions to see if an answer to your question is already displayed below.     
  • Clerk's Office
    • Dog and Cat Licensing

      *What documents do I need?


      You will need a Rabies Certificate from your vet stating the expiration date of the vaccination.  Vaccinations that expire prior to October 31st of the licensing year are deemed expired, therefore a new inoculation must be received.


                      If your dog or cat is spayed/neutered proof must be submitted.


      If your dog or cat cannot be vaccinated due to illness or other reasons a note from your vet is required.


      *How much does a license cost?

                      Licenses for cats that are spayed/neutered are $13.00

                      Licenses for cats that are not altered (spayed/neutered) are $16.00

                      Licenses for dogs that are spayed/neutered are $15.00

                      Licenses for dogs that are not altered (spayed/neutered) are $18.00

                      $13.80 – cost of license

                      $0.20 -  State Pilot Clinic Fund

                      $1.00 -  State Registration Fee

                      $3.00 – Animal Population Control Fund (for non altered animals)


                      (There are no State fees for cat licenses)


      *Does this license expire?

                      All dog/cat licenses expire on June 30th  of each year.


      *Is there a late fee?

                      Beginning July 1st:

                      Spayed/neutered cats - $23.00     
                      Not altered (spayed/neutered) cats - $26.00
                      Spayed/neutered dogs - $25.00   

                      Not altered (spayed/neutered) - $28.00

                      Beginning August 1st:

                      Spayed/neutered cats - $28.00
                      Not altered (spayed/neutered) cats - $31.00
                      Spayed/neutered dogs - $30.00
                      Not altered (spayed/neutered) - $33.00

                      Beginning September 1st:

                      Spayed/neutered cats - $38.00
                      Not altered (spayed/neutered) cats - $41.00
                      Spayed/neutered dogs - $40.00
                      Not altered (spayed/neutered) - $43.00


      *When can I renew my pets license?

                      We begin licensing for the new year on January 2nd.

      *Will I receive a renewal notice?

                      Yes, usually by the end of January.

      *At what age does a puppy/kitten need a license?

                      All puppy/kitten are required to be licensed by age 7 months.

      *If I just moved here how long to I have to obtain a license?

                      10 days.


      *Is there a free rabies clinic?

                      Yes, usually the 1st Saturday in May.  Please contact the Board of Health for more information at 732-390-7012.

      *Do I need to notify you if my pet is deceased?

                      Yes. We must adjust our records so a renewal notice is not generated.

      *Do I get a refund if my pet dies?

                      No, there are no refunds on dog/cat licenses.





    • Peddler/Hawker Licensing


      *How do I  obtain a Peddler’s License?

      You must first complete an application, which is available on-line or at the Borough Clerk’s Office.



      *What is the procedure?

      First submit the application to the Borough Clerk’s office along with the $125.00 application fee.


      Applicants must be fingerprinted by our local Police Department.  Please contact the ID Bureau at 732-525-5469 for more information.


      Once a favorable report is received from the Police Department the license will be issued.



      How long does this procedure take?


                      At least two weeks.



      *What kind of Peddler’s Licenses are available and what are the fees?

      P-1 Food/Beverage Peddler – Mobile – the fee is $125.00.  Persons holding this license must make their sales and then move to a different location.  You cannot be in one location for more than one hour.  Only food/beverage items are permitted to be sold.


      Special Event Permit – the fee is $35.00 for first cart/vehicle and each additional cart is $15.00.  It is for the sole purpose of selling merchandise or food/beverage at a special event.  This license shall not exceed two weeks or the actual duration of the special event, whichever is less.  Merchandise and food/beverages are permitted to be sold.  All vendors must hold a Vendor’s Permit as well as a Food Handler’s Permit issued by the Borough of Sayreville along with fingerprinting scheduled by the Police Department. This is the responsibility of the vendor and must be completed – NO EXCEPTIONS. PLEASE HAVE ALL VENDORS CONTACT THE CLERK’S OFFICE, BOARD OF HEALTH AND THE POLICE DEPARTMENT AT LEAST 3 WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT.


      *Can I permanently remain in one spot?

                      No, you must make your sale and move on.



      *Can I go on Borough property and parks?

      In order to sell items on Borough property and in parks a permit issued by the Recreation Department is required.


      *When does this license expire?

                      This license expires December 31st of each year.

    • Barber & Beauty Shop Licensing

      *Is a license required?


      Yes.   A Barber/Beauty Shop license is required as well as a Business License.  (Please see “Business Licensing” for procedure)

      *What is the procedure?

      First you must complete an application and submit it to the Borough Clerk’s Office along with the fee which is $5.00 per chair.

      It then must be approved by the Mayor and Borough Council at a Regular Meeting.

      Then license is issued.

      *How long does this procedure take?

                       At least three weeks.

      *When does this license expire?

                  This license expires December 31st of each year.
    • Solicitors and Canvasser Licensing

      *Do I need a permit to solicit?



      *What is the procedure?

                      First you must complete an application. 

      The application must be submitted to the Clerk’s Office along with the $100.00 application fee.

      Applicants must be fingerprinted and photographed by our local Police Department.  Please contact the ID Bureau at 732-525-5469 for more information.

      Once a favorable report is received from the Police Department the license will be issued.

      *Is every member of an organization, who will be soliciting, required to be licensed individually?



      *Are there time restrictions?


                      You cannot solicit after 9:00 pm. 

      *Do I need a permit if it is a non-profit organization?

      No.  However the Clerk’s Office and the Chief of Police must be notified of proof that it is a non-profit organization, the name of the organization, the dates of solicitation, and a list of all persons soliciting.

    • Junkyard Licensing
        *Is a Junkyard required to be licensed?

      Yes.   A Junkyard License is required as well as a Business License. 

      (Please see “Business Licensing” for procedure)

      *What is the procedure?

                      First you must complete an application.  

      The application must be submitted to the Clerk’s Office along with the appropriate application fee.  The fees are as follows:

                      100 cars or less - $200.00

                      More than 100 cars - $400.00

                      No cars - $200.00

      It then must be approved by the Mayor and Borough Council at a Regular Meeting.

      License will then be issued.

      *How long does this procedure take?

                       At least three weeks.

      *When does this license expire?

                       This license expires December 31st of each year.
Code Enforcement
  • Zoning & Code Enforcement
    • Can a vehicle be parked anywhere on my property?

      No automobile shall be parked or stored in any area of a lot other than a garage, driveway, or street.  Unregistered vehicles are not permitted anywhere on a residential property unless in an enclosed structure, such as a garage.  Unregistered vehicles, trailers, boats, etc parked on the street are regulated and enforced by Sayreville Police Department.

    • How long do I have to clean my sidewalk after it snows? Can the snow be thrown into the street?

      You have within twelve (12) hours of daylight after the snow stops to clean the sidewalk.  No owner, tenant, or occupant of any premises abutting on any street shall throw, place, or deposit any snow or ice into or on any street.

    • I want to rent out my house, what do I need to do for it to be a legal rental property?

      Please visit our "Renting Your Home In Sayreville" page.  Click here for step by step instructions.

    • I've made my complaint. How long do I have to wait before I see something being done?

      After your complaint has been received, the average time to investigate is 1 to 3 working days for a Code Enforcement Officer to visit, document, and determine if a violation exists. We respond to each complaint as soon as it is filed as each and every complaint is important to us. Complaints are prioritized according to potential health and safety hazard. Once a complaint is investigated and verified, the property owner is notified and a process begins to abate the violations.

      The process of abatement may last days, weeks or months; depending on the severity of the violations, the circumstances surrounding the property, and the due process and property rights that are guaranteed to all citizens. It may appear to an outside observer that no action is occurring or that action does not occur on a timeline that satisfies the complainant, however, it should be considered that the due process rights and property rights of all citizens are respected and that voluntary compliance is a process that resembles a partnership between the Borough and property owners - it is not a process to penalize violators or to retaliate against difficult neighbors.

    • My neighbor never takes in their garbage receptacles, how long are they allowed to stay out?

      No receptacles shall be placed out for collection prior to sunset of the evening before the scheduled collection day.  Receptacles shall be brought in no later than sunset of the day of collection.

    • My neighbor's yard is in disrepair - what can I do?

      We strongly encourage speaking to your neighbors prior to contacting us regarding a concern or complaint to see if an issue can be resolve.  If that doesn't work, please go to our Service Request form here.

    • What time can contractors start and end work?

      Construction can take place 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. week days, excluding emergency work. Weekends and holidays are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Residents working on their own property hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Sundays, the excavation, construction, grading, demolition, alteration, maintenance or repair of any property by any person or entity for hire shall be prohibited, except that any such work necessitated by an emergency may be so performed.

    • Why does a community need ordinances?

      Ordinances are intended to create a reasonable standard for property maintenance. Ordinances are designed with quality of life, safety and the protection of our community.

Commuter Information
  • Commuter Information
    • What options are available?

      There are a number of options available to commuters who wish to utilize three designated commuter parking areas.


      The Sayreville Park and Ride on Raritan Street is open to residents and non-residents.


      There are three types of permits available:


             Daily permits are available on-site and cost $4 per day (for up to 16 hours)
             Monthly permits are available by submitting an application
       and cost $30 per month
             Quarterly permits are available by submitting an application and cost $90 per quarter (3 months)

             Quarterly permits are available for the following:

                    January 1st thru March 31st 

                   April 1st thru June 30th 
                   July 1st thru September 30th

                   October 1st thru December 31st


      The parking site on North Ernston Road is open to residents only.

      Monthly parking permits are available by submitting an application and cost $30 per month.

      Quarterly permits are available by submitting an application and cost $90 per quarter (3 months)


      There are no daily permits available for this site.



    • How do I obtain a parking permit?



      Daily permits are available on-site at the Raritan Street Park and Ride and cost $4 per day, per vehicle (for up to 16 hours).  Daily permits are not available at the North Ernston Road site.




      Monthly or Quarterly permits can be obtained by submitting an application.  Applicationsare available on line or from the Borough Clerk’s Office. If submitting application/payment on-line an original permit will be sent via regular mail.  If submitting the application/payment in person at the Borough Clerk’s Office permit will be issued immediately. Credit card payment is not accepted at the Borough Clerk’s Office, cash or check only. Fees are $30 for a monthly permit and $90 for a quarterly permit. You must complete the application and submit copies of the following information along with your application:


                  VALID NJ DRIVER’S LICENSE




      Permit will not be issued until all information is submitted. 

      Quarterly permits are available for the following:

                    January 1st thru March 31st

      April 1st thru June 30th

      July 1st thru September 30th

                   October 1st thru December 31st


      Said fee(s) must be paid prior to the month to which it applies.  Fees shall not be prorated, refunded or otherwise reduced for any reason.



    • What are the rules and regulations for the parking facilities?


       PERMIT PARKING RULES AND REGULATIONS                                                                         


      PARKING RIGHTS A parking account grants the Permit Holder ("Holder")the privilege of parking in the Raritan Commuter Lot or N. Ernston Rd. site, conditioned on the timely payment of parking fees, any additional charges that may be due, and compliance with Rules and Regulations, as amended and/or supplemented from time to time.The Borough of Sayreville (the "Borough) reserves the right to cancel parking privileges at any time.


      NON-ASSIGNABILITYParking permits may not be transferred, assigned or resold.


      PERMIT APPLICATION The Holder must complete an application to obtain parking privileges.If the information supplied should change, or if the Borough should modify the Rules and Regulations, the Holder must submit a new permit application.


      PARKING FEES Parking fees are established by the Borough and are subject to change.Fees cannot be prorated or otherwise adjusted for periods during which the Holder does not use parking privileges.Fees shall not be prorated, refunded or otherwise reduced for any reason. Said fee must be paid prior tothe month to which it applies. Monthly Permit fee is $30 per month,Quarterly Permit fee is $90. The Borough reserves the right to assess a charge of $25 which shall be due from the Holder for any check that is not honored when presented for payment as per Revised General Ordinance 1-7.1. The Borough will not redeposit any check not honored on the first submission.


      LOST, STOLEN OR DAMAGED STICKER Lost, stolen or damaged stickers will be replaced promptly upon payment of the replacement fee of $10.00.In no event will the Borough be responsible for any value lost or cost incurred, or for the inability of a Holder to use the sites due to lost, stolen or damaged stickers.


      NO COMMERCIAL USE Permit is valid only for passenger cars, vans or light trucks and of such length and width that fits within a conventional parking space.The lot/site may not be used for parking commercial vehicles or as a staging area for commercial transportation, delivery, or other services, except with the Borough's prior written consent.


      NO STORAGE, ABANDONMENT The lot/site may not be used for storage of vehicle or other equipment.Any vehicle or equipment remaining in/on site for more than 48 hours shall be deemed abandoned as per Revised Gen. Ordinance 5-8.2.Vehicles deemed abandoned will be towed at the owners expense.The Borough shall not have any liability to any person for loss or damage on account of such removal.


      USE OF PARKING FACILITY The Borough may establish and amend operating rules and regulations relating to the proper use of the lot/site at any time.The Holder must comply with all rules and regulations and any other applicable laws and regulations.The Holder shall follow safe driving practices at all times when in the lot/on site.


      VIOLATIONS If the Holder (i) fails to pay any monthly parking fee when due (ii) fails to pay any additional charge imposed under the Rules and Regulations or (iii) violates any of the Rules and Regulations in any other respect the Borough may immediately suspend all parking privileges and/or revoke the Holder's parking permit.Violators may be subject to summons, fines and/or towing (at owner’s expense).



    • Can my permit be transferred to another vehicle?


      Permits cannot be transferred, assigned or re-sold.

    • What if my sticker is lost, damaged or stolen?

        Lost, damaged or stolen stickers will be replaced promptly upon payment of the replacement fee of $10.00.  In no event will the Borough be responsible for any value lost or incurred, or for the inability of a permit holder to use the sites due to lost, stolen or damaged stickers.

Construction Department
  • Construction
    • As a homeowner, can I perform my own work or do I have to hire a contractor?

      In order for a homeowner to perform their own work, they must be currently residing in their single family dwelling.  If someone is performing the work, they must be licensed with the State of New Jersey.  A general contractor must have a New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor license to perform work on residential properties.

    • When are inspections performed?

      Inspections are typically performed Monday through Friday 9am to 3pm and need at least 24 hour notice to schedule.  Please call 732-390-7077 with your permit number to set up an inspection.

    • What are permits and why do I need one?

      Permits are used to regulate construction. The process is designed to ensure that all construction within the Borough is safe. The safety of building occupants is the primary reason for construction codes. Construction codes in effect in New Jersey include the following:

      • International Building Code 2021 New Jersey Edition
      • Internation Residential Code 2021 New Jersey Edition
      • National Standard Plumbing Code 2021
      • National Electric Code 2020
      • International Mechanical Code 2021
      • International Fuel Gas Code 2021
      • International Energy Conservation Code/2021 (Low-Rise Residential)
      • ASHRAE 90.1-2019 (Commercial & All Other Residential)
      • Ashrae 90.1 Code 2018/ Residential 2018
      • NFPA 13 & 72 2016 

      There are several types of permits, depending on the type of construction- structural, plumbing, mechanical or combination. Most homeowner projects require a “combination permit.” In addition, permits are required for the demolition and relocation of buildings.

    • How can I obtain a building permit?
      1. Talk to Your Local Code Official
        Your code official wants your project to be a success and will help you avoid potential problems that could cost you time and money. You will be asked some basic questions (What are you planning to do? Where?), advised of any requirements and, if necessary, referred to other departments for their approval. The code official will provide you with the resources and information needed for compliance with the applicable building codes. You will then receive an application for a building permit.

      2. Submit Application
        At this stage you will document the "Who, What, When, Where and How" of the job, along with any sketches or plans of the proposed work. Normally, separate permits are required for electrical, plumbing, and heating or air-conditioning work. In a brief amount of time, the code official will review your plans and determine if your project is in compliance with local requirements. If your plans meet these requirements, a permit is issued. If not, the code official may suggest revisions to help correct the problem.

      3. Receive Permit
        Now that you have been approved for a permit, you have legal permission to start construction. A fee, based on the size of the job, is collected to cover the cost of the application, the review and the inspection process. An experienced code official is available to you should you have any questions concerning your project. You should consider your code official as an ally who will help you make your project a success.

      4. Job-site Visits
        On-site inspections will be required to make certain the work conforms to the permit, local codes and plans. Again, you will have access to the expertise of the code official to help you with questions or concerns regarding the project and to ward off potentially costly mistakes. The code official will let you know approximately how many inspections may be needed for your project. Usually, a one- or two-day notice is needed when requesting visits.

      5. Receive Final Approval
        The code official will provide documentation when construction is complete and code compliance is determined. You will then have the personal satisfaction of a job done right. Enjoy your new surroundings with the peace of mind and the knowledge that they meet the safety standards in your community.

    • What happens if I don’t get a permit?

      If a permit is not obtained when needed prior to construction you have violated Borough and State regulations and are subject to fines and penalties. In addition, you will be required to obtain permits for the work and the work must pass inspection or be corrected. Otherwise, the site will have to be returned to its original condition.

      Remember… construction codes were created for safety reasons. Work built without a permit can be unsafe, no matter how good it looks to the untrained eye.

    • What are the benefits of having a building permit?

      Increased Value -- Your home or business is an investment. If your construction project does not comply with the codes adopted by your community, the value of your investment could be reduced. Property insurers may not cover work done without permits and inspections. If you decide to sell a home or building that has had modifications without a permit, you may be required to tear down the addition, leave it unoccupied or do costly repairs.

      Protects -- A property owner who can show that code requirements were strictly and consistently met, as demonstrated by a code official's carefully maintained records, has a strong ally if something happens to trigger a potentially destructive lawsuit.

      Ensures Safety -- Your permit also allows the code official to protect the public by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction and ensuring public health, safety and welfare. By following code guidelines, your completed project will meet minimum standards of safety and will be less likely to cause injury to you, your family, your friends or future owners.

    • Where can I obtain the proper permit forms?

      Forms are available in our office or can be downloaded in our "forms" section.  You can also request the applications be mailed to you.

    • Who prepares the required plans?

      Architect's or engineer's seal: The raised seal and signature of the registered architect or licensed engineer who prepared the plans shall be affixed to each sheet of each copy of the plans submitted and on the first or title sheet of the specifications and any additional supportive information submitted.

      Exception:  The construction official shall waive the requirement for sealed plans in the case of a single family home owner who had prepared his or her own plans for the construction, addition, reconstruction, alteration, renovation, or repair of a detached structure used or intended to be used exclusively as  his or her private residence.

    • What is the cost of a permit?

      The complete construction fee schedule is available here.

    • What forms of payment do you accept in your office?

      We gladly accept check, money order, Visa, or Mastercard.

    • Are permits needed for all home improvements?

      A permit is not needed for wall papering, painting or similar finishing work. Replacement or repair of plumbing, mechanical or electrical fixtures (ie. Changing faucets or replacing switches) does not normally require a permit.

    • Once I receive my permit, how long does it take to get an inspection?

      Although we have up to 72 hours to conduct a requested inspection, most of the time inspections can be made within a 1 or 2 day time frame.  Please call the main number 732-390-7077 to request an inspection.  All inspections must be requested by 2pm the day before desired inspection date.  We always do our best to accommodate inspection requests within reason.

    • Do I qualify for the Senior Discount Ordinance?

      Please view the checklist to see if you qualify.

    • Before I submit my permit, are there any prior approvals?

      Please click here for the general prior approvals needed when you submit your permit package for new single family homes, demolition of a single family home, or planning an addition.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Emergency Medical Services
  • Finance
    • When are the bills paid?
      Bills are ONLY paid after they are approved at a Regular Meeting of the Borough Council.  There are normally 2 meetings a month (usually the 2nd and 4th Mondays of month) but there are only ONE meeting in June, July and August.  Checks are not printed until the day after the meeting. After all paper work is processed, the check will be mailed the Thursday after the meeting.  Checks can also be picked up in person but we request that you call (732)390-7030 to notify us.
    • How can I get copies of Budget Documents?

      Summary copies of Budget Documents are available at all public hearings on the Budget and should be available on this website, you may also stop by the Finance Office and pick up a set.  The Official Copy of the Budget document is available for viewing in the Clerk's Office as well as the Sayreville Public Library.  Copies of the Official Document are avaible through the clerks office but a fee will apply (please contact clerks office for more information on obtaining a copy).

    • What is the Borough's Credit Rating?
      As of November 7, 2014 Moody's rating was "Aa3".
Fire Prevention
  • Health
    • What do I need to apply for a Marriage or Civil Union License?

      Please click to view the marriage or civil union license checklist.  This checklist provides all the information you will need to know in order to apply for a license in Sayreville.  

    • How do I obtain a certified copy of a vital record?

      You can only obtain certified copies of vital records if the event took place in the Borough of Sayreville.  For instance, if you were born at St. Peter's Hospital you need to contact the New Brunswick registrar.  Also note that if you applied for a marriage or civil union license in Sayreville but the ceremony took place in another town, you request a certified copy from that town.  If the event took place in Sayreville, click here for more information.

    • How do I report a health hazard or concern?

      The health inspectors are available Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to answer any questions you may have.  You can reach them directly at 732-390-7015.  Please note that the inspectors conduct inspections on a daily basis and will return phone calls as soon as they return to the office.

    • How do I obtain a dog/cat license?

      Cat and dog licenses are handled by the Clerk's Office.  Please contact them at 732-390-7020 for more information or click here for more information.

    • When is the annual rabies clinic?

      Typically the clinic is scheduled for the first Saturday in May.  If you are unable to attend please visit to view additional clinics that are being offered for Middlesex County residents.

    • Where do I go to get a flu shot?

      Flu clinics are conducted through the Middlesex County Health Department and are held in various towns throughout Middlesex County in the fall.  Please visit to find the most up-to-date list of upcoming clinics.

    • Where do I go to get my child's immunizations or shots?

      You can obtain information by calling the Children's Immunization Program provided by Middlesex County at 732-745-3125 or visit for additional information.

Management & Administration
Municipal Court
  • Municipal Court
    • Hours of Operation

      The Court Violations Window is open Monday through Friday:

      8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

      Court is in session every Thursday at:

      9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM


      Please see Virtual Court for more information.


    • How can I pay my ticket?
      1. You can make payment via website; OR 
      2. You can send check or money order made payable to the Sayreville Municipal Court at 1000 Main Street, Sayreville, NJ 08872; OR
      3. Drop payment off in our drop-box located at the same address, through the first set of doors to your immediate right.

      Payments CANNOT be taken over the phone using debit/credit card.

    • How do I file a private citizen complaint?

      To file a private citizen complaint in the Sayreville Municiapl Court,

      Any supplemental information you have in support of probable cause can be submitted with your paperwork.

    • How can I get a copy of my court disposition?

      If you would like a screen print of the court disposition(s) for your summons(es) free of charge, please email a completed NJ Records Request Form to

      If you would like a certified dispostion, please mail or drop off a completed NJ Records Request Form to Sayreville Municipal Court at 1000 Main Street, Sayreville, NJ 08872 or drop-box located at the same address through the first set of doors to your immediate right, with payment:

      • $10.00 charge per summons - made payable to Sayreville Municipal Court
  • Police Department
    • Where do I go to appear for a Sayreville court appearance?
      The Sayreville Municipal Court is located inside the Sayreville Police Department located at 1000 Main Street, Sayreville, NJ  08872.
    • How old must I be to purchase a handgun?
      Under NJSA 2C:58-3c(4) you must be at least 21 years old to purchase a handgun.
    • How old must I be to purchase a rifle or shotgun?

       Under NJSA 2C:58-3c(4) you must be at least 18 years old to purchase a rifle or shotgun.

    • I found what I believe to be an explosive device. Can I bring it to the police for disposal?
       NO.  For reasons of safety please call 732-727-4444 and explain the situation to the dispatcher.  Since explosive devices can be unstable it is required that an officer respond to your location to assess the device and determine the safest method of removal.
    • I have a rifle/shotgun/handgun/ammunition that I would like to dispose of. Can I turn this item in for safe disposition?

      Yes, you may surrender any of these items and they will be disposed of according to law.  You will be issued a receipt at the time of surrender.

    • I inherited a firearm as part of an estate. Can I legally retain ownership of this weapon?
      Yes, as long as you possess or acquire a NJ Firearms Purchaser ID Card or Handgun Purchase Permit.  If you do not meet these requirements you are legally entitled to retain ownership of the firearm for 180 days to effect its legal sale or transfer to a person who meets requirements for ownership.
    • Are there any other restrictions regarding the purchase of firearms?

      Yes, in addition to the age requirements there are several other restrictions according to NJSA 2C:58-3a, No handgun purchase permit or firearms purchaser identification card shall be issued:

       (1)    To any person who has been convicted of a crime or a disorderly persons offense involving an act of domestic violence.

      (2)    To any drug dependent person, to any person who is confined for a mental disorder to a hospital, mental institution or sanitarium, or to any person who is presently an habitual drunkard.

      (3)    To any person who suffers from a physical defect or disease which would make it unsafe for him to handle firearms.

      (4)    To any person who has ever been confined for a mental disorder, or to any alcoholic, unless any of the foregoing persons produces a certificate of a medical doctor or psychiatrist licensed in New Jersey or other satisfactory proof that he is no longer suffering from that particular disability in such a manner that would interfere with or handicap him in the handling of firearms.

      (5)    To any person who knowingly falsifies any information on the application form for a handgun purchase permit or firearms purchaser identification card.

      (6)    To any person where the issuance would not be in the interest of the public health, safety or welfare.

      (7)    To any person who is subject to a restraining order issued pursuant to the “Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991” prohibiting the person from possessing any firearm.

      (8)    To any person who as a Juvenile was adjudicated delinquent for an offense which if committed by an adult would constitute a crime and the offense involved the unlawful use of a weapon, explosive or destructive device.

      (9)    To any person whose firearm is seized pursuant to the “Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991”.
    • Are there fees involved in the application process?
      Yes, the fees are set by NJ Law.  The application fee for a firearms purchaser ID card is $5.  The application fee for a permit to purchase a handgun is $2.
    • Do I have to be fingerprinted as part of the application process?
      Yes, submission of fingerprints is a required part of the application process.
    • How do I make a complaint about an officer?

      The Sayreville Police Department holds its employees to the highest standard of integrity.  Under guidelines issued by the NJ Attorney General we are obligated to accept and investigate complaints regarding the conduct of any member of this department.

      Complaint forms are available 24 hours a day at the main desk of the police department.

    • Who do I contact to arrange a tour of headquarters for my youth/scout group?
      To arrange for a tour of the Sayreville Police Department you should contact Det./Sgt. Sean O'Donnell at 732-525-5422.  If you are coming with a scout group, please indicate the requirements that you are hoping to fulfill so we can accommodate your needs.
    • Are there officers available to speak at my organization's meetings?

      There are a variety of programs that the Saryeville Police Department offers to schools, youth groups and community organizations.  To request a speaker for a specific topic please contact Det./Sgt. Sean O'Donnell at 732-525-5422 to see if there is an available officer. 

  • Recreation
    • Office Hours

      Monday through Friday
      8am to 4pm
      Registrations and payments accepted
      until 3:30pm daily.

    • Location of Recreation Bulding?
      Enter the Borough Hall parking lot drive around
      to Basketball Courts, Mickey Sedlak Recreation Building is on your
      left red brick building.  The recreation office is located up the stairs on the left side of the building looking from the basketball courts.
    • How do I find out about Recreation programs & special events

      The Recreation Department advertises with the Suburban Newspaper, Home News Tribune, Cable Channel 15, Bomber Blasts and our Website  Special events sponsored by the Recreation Department that are held at Kennedy Park will be posted at the park entrance.

    • What type of programs are offered.

      Instructional Programs

      All programs can be found on

      Mommy & Me  
      Ages:          12months to 35months   one hour class once per week
      Sessions:     Winter   Spring   Fall (each session is for 10 weeks)
      Location       Mickey Sedlak Recreation Center  Dolan Street

      Recreation fun Days
      Ages:          3 to 5      3 hour class once per week
      Sessions:    Winter  Spring  Fall (each session is for 10 weeks)
      Location:     Mickey Sedlak Recreation Center Dolan Street

      Little Kid's Playtime @ Kennedy Park
      Ages:         3 to 5      2 1/2hours two to five days per week
      Sessions     Winter  Spring  Fall (each session is 10 weeks)
      Location:    Kennedy Park Recreation Building

      Be Active Get Healthy!
      Ages:         Adult
      Sessions:   Call office for schedule or check
      Location:    Mickey Sedlak Recreation Center Dolan Street

      Summer Fun
      Ages:         3 to 5    2 1/2 hours once per week for 6 weeks
      Session:     Summer
      Location:    Mickey Sedlak Recreation Center  Dolan Street

      Co-Ed Crafts  
      Ages:        6 to 13   2 1/2 hours once per week for 6 weeks
      Session:    Summer
      Location:   Mickey Sedlak Recreation  Dolan Street

      Mommy & Me
      Ages:       18 months and up    one hour once a week for 6 weeks
      Session:   Summer
      Location:   Mickey Sedlak Recreation Center  Dolan Street

      Gymnastics  Dance  Cheer

      Ages:        6 to 13   3 hours once per week for 6 weeks
      Session:    Summer
      Location:   Truman School Taft Place

      Summer Park Program - Burke's Park
      Ages:       4 to 11   3 hours per day for 6 weeks
      Session:   Summer      Monday & Wednesday   and/or   Tuesday & Thursday
      Location:   Burkes Park   Washington Road

       Sport Organizations
      Sayareville Athletic Assocation
      Boys & girls  Baseball
      Youth Basketball
      Field Hockey
      Competive Cheerleading

      Sayreville Little League
      Baseball & Softball

      Sayreville Soccer Organization

      Sayreville Junior bombers
      Pop Warner football & Cheerleading

      Sayreville Adult Softball
      Mens-Womens & Co-Ed softball leagues

      Special Events

      Kids Bingo     (offered throughout the year)
      Ages:            6 & up
      Location:       Mickey Sedlak Recreation Center  Dolan Street

      Movies          To Be Announced      (offered throughout the year)
      Ages:            open to all residents  (children accompanied by an adult)
      Location:       Mickey Sedlak Recreation Center  & Kennedy Park

      Easter Egg Hunt
      Ages:3 to 12
      Location: Veterans football field behind Borough Hall

      Fishing Derby     (on site-registration)
      Ages:             3 to 14
      Location:        Kennedy Park  (rain or shine)

      Community Flea Market     8am-1:00pm
      Registration: Mickey Sedlak Recreation Center -Dolan Street
      Residents & Non-Residents Invited
      Location:        Borough Hall Fields

      Annual Memorial Day Parade -  10:00am
      In cooperation with the American Legion Post 211 and the VFW Post 4699 
      All service men & women are invited to march in the parade 

      Independence Day Celebration   Kennedy Park
      Live Entertainment, Childrens Games, Food Court
      Childrens Rides and culminating the days events a spectular
      Fireworks Display (approximately 9:30pm)

      Sayreville Day    Kennedy Park 
      Community participation childrens games, rides, foods from around the world,
      entertainment, craft vendors, and much, much, more. 

      Sayreville's Hit the Bricks  Annual 5K Trail Run/Walk 
      A morning of Fun, Food & Music  Run or Walk / Rain or Shine

      Time:         9:30am
      Location:  Capik Nature Preserve
      Care & Share by donating a non-perishable food item to the Food Bank
      Race proceeds to benefit Brain Injured Children of Sayreville

      Halloween Parade & Trick or Treat Trunk
      Time:       6:30pm
      Ages:       12 years and under (residents only please)
      Location:   Borough Hall Football Field 

      Annual Toy Drive
      Date:        Starts November
      Time:        8am to 3:30pm   Monday through Friday
      Location:    Recreation Department Dolan Street
      New toys only please.....................Help us to provide
      some holiday cheer for those special residents of Sayreville.

      Holiday Parade Of Lights
      1st Sunday in December  Main St ( Mccutchen to Borough Hall)

      time: 6pm


    • Use of Boro Facilities

      A facility use application is necessary for use of all outdoor areas and buildings. Applications are available at the Recreation Office or may be downloaded from our website and can be e-mailed directly to our office.  E-mail address:
      A certificate of insurance naming the Boro of Sayreville as additionally insured is required. 
      Vendors participating at any of these sites must provide their certificate of insurance.

    • Picnic Rental




      To get approval for a picnic at Burkes Park, Jackson Park or Bailey Park the following items must be received by this office. Approvals can take up to 3 weeks.

      1. Completed Application for Facility Use
      2. Hold Harmless Agreement must be signed and dated
      3. Certificate of Insurance must be received for all vendors and organizations (see attached copy)
      4. Check made payable to Sayreville Recreation for use of the park or Cash – Rates are as follows:


      Weekday Rate:

      Flat Rate Up to 2:00 pm.

                                     Resident              Non-Resident

      Up to 450 People - $125.00                $175.00 - One Borough Employee

      451 – 800 People - $250.00                $325.00 - Two Borough Employee

      Over 800 People – to be negotiated based upon the needs of the party and the costs incurred by the Borough.

      Each Additional hour:

      Up to 450 People - $60                       $60– One Borough Employee

      451 – 800 People - $120                     $120.00 – Two Borough Employees

      Over 800 People – to be negotiated based upon the needs of the party and the costs incurred by the Borough.

       Saturday Picnics

      Flat Rate (7 hours, including one (1) hour setup and one (1) hour cleanup)

                                     Resident              Non-Resident

      Up to 450 People - $400.00                $600.00 - One Borough Employee

      451 – 800 People - $800.00                $1,200.00 - Two Borough Employee

      Over 800 People – to be negotiated based upon the needs of the party and the costs incurred by the Borough.

      Each Additional hour:

      Up to 450 People - $60                       $60– One Borough Employee

      451 – 800 People - $120                     $120.00 – Two Borough Employees

      Over 800 People – to be negotiated based upon the needs of the party and the costs incurred by the Borough.


      Flat Rate (7 hours, including one (1) hour setup and one (1) hour cleanup)

      .                               Resident             Non-Resident

      Up to 450 People - $450.00                $650.00 - One Borough Employee

      451 – 800 People - $900.00                $1,300.00 - Two Borough Employee

      Over 800 People – to be negotiated based upon the needs of the party and the costs incurred by the Borough.

      Each Additional hour:

      Up to 450 People - $70.00                  $70.00– One Borough Employee

      451 – 800 People - $140.00                $140.00 – Two Borough Employees

      Over 800 People – to be negotiated based upon the needs of the party and the costs incurred by the Borough.



    • Who needs a boat ramp permit?

      A boat ramp pemit is required by all residents and non-residents who lauch a boat or watercraft from the docking facility.  This includes all powered and non-powered watercraft.

    • How do I obtain a boat permit

      Boat permits may be obtained at the Recreation Office, Mickey Sedlak Recreation Center, Dolan Street - Monday thru Friday - 8:00am - 3:30pm.  Permits are available to residents and non-residents.  A copy of the boat and trailer registration & driver license of owner are required. 

      Rates:Resident - $80.00 1st watercraft - $30.00 2nd craft
               Senior-65+- $55.00 1st watercraft - $25.00 2nd craft

         Non-Resident - $160.00 1st watercraft - $60.00 2nd craft
              Senior 65+ - $110.00 1st watercraft - $50.00 2nd craft

      Commercial          $300.00 per watercraft 

      Note:  Trailers transporting two (2) Jet Ski's must have permits affixed and display for each Jet Ski.

      Resident                    $15.00
      Non-Resident             $30.00

      Commercial                $40.00

      Yearly permits can be purchased on-line at or at the boat ramp.  Current boat & trailer registration along with driver license and proof of payment are required. , Permits will be issued by the Recreation dept. or the  boat dock attendant if on duty.  Two stickers will be issued.
      Boat dock attendants are on duty from Memorial Day to Labor Day

    • Do I need a fishing permit to fish in Sayreville lakes?

      If you want to fish at the Capik Nature Preserve Wellfields, a permit from the Recreation Department is required.  Wellfield lakes are open for fishing for Sayreville residents only.
      If you want to fish at Kennedy Park lakes no permit is required. 

      A valid NJ Fishing License is required for ages 16 thru 70 to fish at any location.

    • How do I obtain a fishing permit?

      Fishing permits for the Wellfield area on Bordentown Road are available to Sayreville Residents only.  This is a catch and release area. Proof of residency & state fishing license is required. Permit may be obtained at the Recreation Office, Monday thru Friday - 8:00am - 4:00pm.  Parking is available in the Capik Nature Preserve by the dog park.  No vehicles are permited at the lake area.

      Fishing permits are not required at Kennedy Park.  This is a green acres park and is open to the public.  A state license is required for ages 16 thru 70 to fish in the park.
    • Adult Leagues

      Co-Ed Volleyball, Men's Basketball, Co-Ed Softball & Men's Softball-Sunday league, weeknight league and fall weeknight league..
      Notification of league registration dates and meetings  are through The Suburban Newspaper, The Home News Tribune, Cable Channel #15

    • Use of Skatepark

      A permit is not required for use of the Skatepark located in Kennedy Park.
      Rules and regulations are posted and is a skate & bike at your own risk facility.
      This facility is open to the public and closes at dusk.

    • Summer youth employment
      The Recreation Department offers summer employment for its' 6 week  parks program.  Applicants must be 15 years of age.  Applications are accepted each year January - February and may be obtained at the Recreation Office Monday thru Friday - 8:00am - 4:00pm.
Tax Collector
  • Tax Collector
    • What are the tax collector's office hours?

      The Tax Collector's office hours are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Monday - Friday.

    • Where is the tax collector office located?

      The Sayreville Tax Collector's Office is located on the second floor of the Borough Hall building at 167 Main Street.

    • When are my taxes due?

      The First Quarter taxes are due February 1
      The Second Quarter taxes are due May 1
      The Third Quarter Taxes are due August 1
      The Fourth Quarter Taxes are due November 1

      * A ten (10) day grace period is provided, after which interest accrues from the first day payment is due. If the tenth (10th) day falls on a weekend or legal holiday the following business day will be the last day of the grace period.

    • How can I pay my taxes?

      In the office – cash, check, money order, card (with fee)
      The drop box attached to the back of the building available 24/7
      Mail a check or money order – we do not accept the post mark date
      Online banking through your bank – allow 7 to 10 days for processing
      The website using the “Tax Bill Payment” by e-check or card with fees

    • When are the bills mailed?

      The estimated 3rd Quarter August bill will be mailed in June - this is the amount to pay. The final bill will go out in September and include 4 payment stubs – August has paid, November, February and May.

    • I can not find my bill, How can I get a new one?
      You may stop by or call the office and we can print out a duplicate bill or tax account print out which can either be picked up or mailed to you.
    • Where do my taxes go?

      The taxes you pay at our office are collected for:
      Sayreville Board of Education
      Borough of Sayreville
      Middlesex County
      Middlesex County Open Space
      Sayreville Open Space

Water & Sewer Department
  • Zoning & Code Enforcement
    • What are the guidelines for a residential zoning permit?


      The purpose of acquiring a Zoning Permit is to ensure the proposed use and utilization of a property is in conformance with the Borough Zoning Ordinance. Work that would require a Zoning Permit includes but is not limited to pools, porches, decks, fences, additions, sheds, driveways, curbs, sidewalks, signs and trailers. The Zoning Department requires the following information in order to review any Zoning Application: NOTE: Subsequent to Zoning approval, CONSTRUCTION PERMITS may be REQUIRED. (see Construction Office)

      Basic Requirements

      “How to obtain approval”

      1. Obtain and fill out a Zoning Permit Application provided in the Zoning Office.

      2. Provide a certified site survey of the property showing the proposed work. Make sure to include on the survey the setback distances of the proposed work from the property lines and distance from house or shed. See Sample Site Survey.

      3. A basic description of the proposed work.

      4. Payment of any and all applicable Zoning Permit fees. $75


      Possible Additional Requirements

      The Zoning Officer may require more detailed information such as architectural drawings, if deemed necessary, to accurately review the application.

      •  Pools-indicate on survey the area of water discharge, proposed and pre-existing fences and the location of the required self-latching gate.

      •  Fences-Specification of proposed fence type and its location on survey.

      •  Decks/Additions/Sheds/Driveways/Walkways- Indicate on survey the exact size, location and setback distances of the proposed work. In addition townhouse/condominium units require a letter of association approval.

      •  Signs- Position of sign in relation to nearby buildings or structures. Illustration of sign and dimensions.

      •  Trailers- Size, location and setback distances indicated on survey.

    • What are the guidelines for fences?


      26-82.7         Fences, Walls and Other Dividing Structures

      Fence Permit in PDF

      A.  Residential zones. Fences or walls in excess of two feet in height shall be considered as accessory uses to a principal permitted use and are permitted in accordance with the standards set forth below: 

      1.  Walls up to two (2) feet in height used as retaining walls, or for landscaping, shall be permitted in all yards. 

      2.  Fences or walls two (2) feet to six (6) feet in height shall be permitted only in the rear and side yards, up to and behind the front facade of the principal building. On corner lots in the “side’ front yard, fences and walls shall be set back one-half (1/2) the required front yard setback from the property line. On a through-lot, the front yard setback for the district shall dictate the setback of the ‘rear front yard fence. 

      3.  All fences and walls shall be set back at least three (3) inches from the property line.


      4.  General regulations for fences and walls.  

      a.  No fence or wall shall be so constructed or installed so as to constitute a hazard to traffic or safety.   

      b.  The face or finished side of a fence or wall shall face the adjacent property or     street.  


      c.  No fence or wall shall be constructed with barbed wire, metal spikes or other such dangerous material or constructed in such manner as to be dangerous to animals or humans.  

      d. Conspicuous chain link fencing without screening and/or landscaping shall not be encouraged.

      e.  All fences and walls require zoning permits and building permits where applicable.  


      5. Non-residential zones. Fences, walls or other similar dividing structures may not be erected until site plan approval for same has been obtained.

    • What are the guidelines for pools?


      Swimming pools shall comply with the following requirements:

      1. No swimming pool shall be located closer than ten (10) feet to any side or rear lot line, or to any principal or accessory structure, excluding patios, and/or associated decking. 
      2. All pools shall be located behind the rear building line of the principal structure. 
      3. No private swimming pool shall be used other than as accessory to the principal use of the premises upon which it is located. 
      4. Elevated lights over four (4) feet in height used or maintained in connection with a private swimming pool shall be so located and shielded that the illumination there from is not directed upon any adjacent property and shall be turned off by 10:00 PM. 
      5. The yard area or portion of the yard area in which the pool is located shall be completely enclosed with a fence that is in compliance with the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code. 
      6. The pool may be lighted by either underwater or exterior lights provided all exterior lights are located so that the light is neither directed or reflected upon adjacent properties. All freestanding standards used for exterior lighting shall be no closer to the edge of the pool than its height All lighting shall be in compliance with the applicable State Uniform Construction Code. 


    • What are the guidelines for a shed?


      26-82.6 Accessory Structures and Uses

      A. General requirements. 




      1. No accessory structure may be built upon any lot on which there is no principal building or structure. 
      2. Except as provided for in Section 26-82.5, Height Exceptions, accessory structures in the MW, SW and I zones shall not exceed the height limit of the zoning district In the B-1, B-2, B-3, P0, G-1, PRIME and residential zones, no accessory structure shall exceed fifteen (15) feet In height.
      3. Accessory structures in all zone districts shall be at least ten (10) feet from any other structure on the same lot excluding patios. 
      4. No accessory structure(s) shall be located in a required front yard or in any area, such as the “side” front yard of a corner lot, where front yard setbacks apply.
      5. Any accessory structure attached to the main budding shall be considered part of the main building. 
      6. Accessory buildings in residential zones shall be no greater than one hundred fifty (150) square feet in area. 
      7. On through lots, no accessory structure erected in the rear yard shall be nearer to the “rear street line than the minimum front yard setback for the zone in which such lot is located. 
      8. Except as provided in paragraph 7 above, minimum setbacks from side and rear lot lines for accessory structures shall be five (5) feet in residential zones and one-half (1/2) the side yard and/or rear yard setback in non-residential zones.
      9. Accessory buildings shall be architecturally similar to the principal building, to the extent possible. 
    • What are the guidelines for a driveway?
      • Driveways must be 5 feet from side of property line.
      • Maximum width twenty (20) feet for driveway opening.
    • What are the guidelines for signs?


      26-89.4          General Regulations

      A.  Signs shall be in harmony and consistent with the architecture of the building and relate to the features of the building in terms of location, scale, color, lettering, materials, texture and depth. Signs shall not be dominant but shall be proportionate and shall complement the building, existing signs and surroundings. 


      B.  There shall be consistent sign design throughout a particular project. The design elements include style of lettering, construction material, size and illumination. Lettering on signs shall not extend more than fifteen (15) inches from the base face. 

      C.  Signs intended for permanent use shall be constructed of durable materials and shall be permanently affixed to the ground, building or other structure as permitted herein at the location for which approval was received. 

      D.  Building signs shall not obscure, conflict with or cover any architectural element and must be aligned with major building elements such as windows, trim and structure lines. 

      E.  No sign shall extend or project above the highest elevation of the wall to which it is attached or above the lowest part of the roofline of the building, whichever is less. 

      F.  No sign shall be located less than ten (10) feet from a residential zone boundary.

      G.  Illuminated signs.  

      1.  Signs lit by external sources shall be allowed but shall be located in such a manner so as to avoid any glare on adjacent property. Sources of sign illumination shall be completely shielded from the view of vehicular traffic using the road or roads abutting the lot on which the sign is located. 

      2.  External lights used for the illumination of any sign on a building whether or not such light fixtures are attached to or separate from the building, shall not extend above the highest elevation of the front wall of the building or more than eighteen (18) feet above the street level of the premises, whichever is less.

      26.89.5        Prohibited Signs

      A.  No off-site advertising sign shall be erected, used or maintained within the Borough of Sayreville provided, however, that this regulation shall not apply to temporary signs otherwise permitted by this Subsection.  

      B.  No signs shall be placed on fences, utility poles, trees, railway or road bridges, bridge supports or abutments, retaining walls, or water towers unless approved by the Borough Council. 

      C.  No sign shall be placed on an accessory building. 

      D.  No roof-top mounted signs, beacons, inflatable signs and/or tethered balloons shall be allowed.

      E.  No sign shall be lighted by means of a flashing light or exposed neon, nor shall any sign be in whole or in part moving, mobile or revolving or electrically or mechanically activated.

      F.  No sign shall be allowed with optical illusion of movement by means of a design which presents a pattern capable of reverse perspective, giving the illusion of motion or changing of copy. 

      G.  No commercial sign shall be allowed in a window which serves as a residential use. 

      H.  The use and display of temporary portable signs or windsocks, banners or strings or streamers of flags, pennants or spinners or similar objects and devices across, upon, over or along any premises or building, whether as part of any sign or for advertising or public attraction, or otherwise, is prohibited in any zone, except for 

      1.   Temporary displays in business or commercial zones as provided in this section.  

      2.  Temporary decorations customarily used for holidays, or for special events as may be approved by the Borough Council.

      I.   No signs shall be allowed that are placed on or affixed to vehicles and/or trailers which are parked on a public right-Of-way, public property or private property so as to be visible from a public right-of-way where the apparent purpose is to advertise a product service or activity or direct people to a business or activity located on the same or nearby property. This is not intended, however, to prohibit signs placed on or affixed to vehicles or trailers where the sign is incidental to the primary use of the vehicle or trailer.  

      J.   No sign shall be allowed which obstructs any window or door opening used as a means of egress, interferes with an opening required for legal ventilation, or is attached to or obstructs any standpipe, fire escape or fire hydrant.

    • I'm thinking about building and need to find the bulk requirements or permitted uses. Where can I find that information?

      Click here for bulk requirements.

      Click here for permitted uses.

      We suggest speaking with the Zoning Officer for clarification.

    • I want to cut down a tree on my property, do I need a permit?

      The following are the requirements for tree removal.

      • If a single family residence and tree is on the front, side or rear (lawn) yard of property a Tree Removal Permit is not required to remove the tree(s).
      • If tree is along the street the homeowner needs to contact the Department of Public Works at 732-390-7043 for the Tree Removal Permit.
    • I need to submit a copy of my survey, where do I find that?

      You will need to check your closing or mortgage documents when you bought your home.  Most likely the Borough will not have a copy on file unless work was recently done that required one to be submitted (such as an addition, pool, or deck).  A written request to check the archives can be made to indicating you are looking for a survey, along with a copy of your driver's license as proof of ownership.

    • My application was denied, what happens now?

      If your zoning application is denied, you will receive personal guidance on the variance process if you choose to go that route.  The variance process may seem overwhelming but our staff is here to guide you step-by-step.

    • How do I find out what my base flood elevation is or if I'm in a flood zone?

      Go to to find out this information.

    • Am I allowed to run business out of my home?

      Home based businesses can be operated from a residential property, subject to satisfying the standards in the Zoning Ordinance Chapter 26-82.6(B)2. These standards are intended to ensure that the home-based business does not negatively impact the residential character of the neighborhood.