The Office of Emergency Management is committed to keeping our streets and residents safe. As a result, we have started an initiative to combat street light outages across the Borough of Sayreville. However, we need your help! Our Office, in partnership with the Sayreville Police Auxiliary, are working to rectify the many street light outages that have plagued our town. You may see us out at night in your neighborhoods gathering addresses and pole numbers, so do not be alarmed. We have already begun compiling a list to report to the appropriate agencies below. We are asking that residents consider visiting the below websites to help us report any outages you may notice. We ask that you do this to ensure the information goes "directly to the source."  If, however, you feel as though your complaints are going unnoticed, you may report your street light area of concern by emailing Please provide as much information as possible so we may follow up in a prompt manner. Include information provided such as:

  • Street Number and Address, a
  • Cross Street or Landmark if known, and a
  • Pole Number if you are safely able to locate one.
  • Your Name and Phone Number in the event we have any additional questions or need additional information, we may reach you.

Let's ensure we all work together to help keep our streets safe!

To Report a Streetlight out on a Borough or County Road, click here to use this form on JCP&L's website to report an Outdoor Lighting Problem. You Do Not need to have an account to do so.The following information will be requested:

  • Is the power on in the immediate area of the affected light?
  • Does the light present a hazardous situation, such as: broken glass or lens, unstable fixture, exposed wires, damage, leaning, or fallen pole?
  • Your Name, Phone Number, and Email Address (you will receive a confirmation number once your issue is reported)
  • House Number
  • Street Name
  • Outage Location (Public Road, Private Road, Parking Lot [keep in mind most lights on private property are the responsibility of the property owner])
  • Cross Street
  • Nearest Landmark
  • Pole Number if able to safely obtain
  • Type of Problem: light is out, always on, flickering or dim, etc.

Not all of these are mandatory to provide, but the more information you can provide, the easier it will be to locate the area. You may also call 1-888-LIGHTS (1-888-544-4877) to report outages.

To report a streetlight out on a State Highway, click here to use this form on NJDOT's website to report a Highway Maintenance Request. This also applies to highways outside of Sayreville Jurisdiction. The following information will be requested:

  • Location
  • Name, Phone Number, Email Address
  • Direction (North, South, etc)
  • The Issue you are reporting (this can be more then street lights. Sign damage, garbage, storm drain issues, pavement issues, etc.)
  • Any Additional Comments
  • Whether you would like a response returned