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Department: Health

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  • Health
    • What do I need to apply for a Marriage or Civil Union License?

      Please click to view the marriage or civil union license checklist.  This checklist provides all the information you will need to know in order to apply for a license in Sayreville.  

    • How do I obtain a certified copy of a vital record?

      You can only obtain certified copies of vital records if the event took place in the Borough of Sayreville.  For instance, if you were born at St. Peter's Hospital you need to contact the New Brunswick registrar.  Also note that if you applied for a marriage or civil union license in Sayreville but the ceremony took place in another town, you request a certified copy from that town.  If the event took place in Sayreville, click here for more information.

    • How do I report a health hazard or concern?

      The health inspectors are available Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to answer any questions you may have.  You can reach them directly at 732-390-7015.  Please note that the inspectors conduct inspections on a daily basis and will return phone calls as soon as they return to the office.

    • How do I obtain a dog/cat license?

      Cat and dog licenses are handled by the Clerk's Office.  Please contact them at 732-390-7020 for more information or click here for more information.

    • When is the annual rabies clinic?

      Typically the clinic is scheduled for the first Saturday in May.  If you are unable to attend please visit to view additional clinics that are being offered for Middlesex County residents.

    • Where do I go to get a flu shot?

      Flu clinics are conducted through the Middlesex County Health Department and are held in various towns throughout Middlesex County in the fall.  Please visit to find the most up-to-date list of upcoming clinics.

    • Where do I go to get my child's immunizations or shots?

      You can obtain information by calling the Children's Immunization Program provided by Middlesex County at 732-745-3125 or visit for additional information.