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Service Requests

Currently we are supporting the following service requests for your convenience:

Public Works
Damaged/Missing Street Sign
Missed Garbage Collection
Park Maintenance
Broken Street Light  (Link to Report Directly to JCPL)
Road Cleanup
Other (Unspecified)

Cable TV Complaint

Water Connect
Water Disconnect
Curb Box Repair
Other (Unspecified)

Borough Council / Mayor Inquiries
Office may also be contact directly via phone:732-390-7047 or 732-390-7051
Resident Inquiries or Concerns

Code Enforcement
Please use portal ( LINK TO PORTAL)  for Code Enforcement, Property Maintenance, and Zoning Issues.

For Cablevision/Altice Service Request use the form link below. This form will go directly to Cablevision's Department and not to the Borough's Service Request Center.    Cablevision/Altice Form Link

Fields in Red are required.
* Either Home Telephone or Office Telephone number required.