Office of Code Enforcement

49 Dolan Street
Sayreville, NJ 08872
732-390-7028 or
Monday-Friday 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

Code Enforcement Officers:
Tracy Ansley

Rafael Albarran

The goal of the Code Enforcement Office is to attain compliance with Borough ordinances regarding property maintenance, enforcement, and abatement to improve the safety and quality of life for the residents of our Borough.

Code Enforcement Officers are in the community on a daily basis ensuring all properties are maintained in accordance with the law.  Code Enforcement Officers can and do issue violation notices and summonses in the event that the requested remediation actions are not pursued by property owners.  When necessary, Code Enforcement Officers attend court hearings with property owners that fail to comply. The Code Enforcement Officers work in collaboration with the Zoning Office, Construction Official and a variety of other departments.


  • Deterioration of structures
  • Inoperable or unregistered vehicles
  • Overgrown grass, weeds over 10 inches
  • Sidewalks not being maintained, snow and ice
  • Signs on public property
  • Trash, debris, and rubbish on property
  • Sump pump discharge violations

To review other violations, see Borough Ordinance 12-3.

If you have a concern or complaint, you must fill out a form on our CITIZEN PORTAL so that our office can investigate.

We strongly encourage speaking to your neighbors prior to contacting us regarding a concern or complaint to see if an issue can be resolved.