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Department: Tax Collector

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  • Tax Collector
    • What are the tax collector's office hours?

      The Tax Collector's office hours are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Monday - Friday.

    • Where is the tax collector office located?

      The Sayreville Tax Collector's Office is located on the second floor of the Borough Hall building at 167 Main Street.

    • When are my taxes due?

      The First Quarter taxes are due February 1
      The Second Quarter taxes are due May 1
      The Third Quarter Taxes are due August 1
      The Fourth Quarter Taxes are due November 1

      * A ten (10) day grace period is provided, after which interest accrues from the first day payment is due. If the tenth (10th) day falls on a weekend or legal holiday the following business day will be the last day of the grace period.

    • How can I pay my taxes?

      In the office – cash, check, money order, card (with fee)
      The drop box attached to the back of the building available 24/7
      Mail a check or money order – we do not accept the post mark date
      Online banking through your bank – allow 7 to 10 days for processing
      The website using the “Tax Bill Payment” by e-check or card with fees

    • When are the bills mailed?

      The estimated 3rd Quarter August bill will be mailed in June - this is the amount to pay. The final bill will go out in September and include 4 payment stubs – August has paid, November, February and May.

    • I can not find my bill, How can I get a new one?
      You may stop by or call the office and we can print out a duplicate bill or tax account print out which can either be picked up or mailed to you.
    • Where do my taxes go?

      The taxes you pay at our office are collected for:
      Sayreville Board of Education
      Borough of Sayreville
      Middlesex County
      Middlesex County Open Space
      Sayreville Open Space