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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Department: Tax Collector

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  • Tax Collector
    • What are the tax collector's office hours?
      The tax collector's office hours are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Monday-Friday.
    • Where is the tax collector office located?

      The Sayreville Tax Collector's Office is located on the second floor of the Borough Hall building at 167 Main Street.

    • When are my taxes due?
      The First Quarter taxes are due February 1
      The Second Quarter taxes are due May 1
      The Third Quarter Taxes are due August 1
      The Fourth Quarter Taxes are due November 1
    • How can I pay my taxes?
      You can mail in a check or money order, or stop in our office and pay in person with cash, check or money order. You can also now make online payments directly through this website. (Sorry, credit cards are not accepted at this time.)
    • When are the bills mailed?

      After the budget is adopted and rates are struck by the county (usually in July) the final bills are mailed, these bills are for the 3rd Quarter (due August 1), 4th Quarter (due November 1) and for the 1st and 2nd Quarters of the next calendar year.  Occassisionally, the rate certification may be delayed and the Borough will change the due date of the 3rd Quarter payement.

    • I can not find my bill, How can I get a new one?
      You may stop by or call the office and we can print out a duplicate bill or tax account print out which can either be picked up or mailed to you.
    • Do you collect any other payments?
      In our office, you can pay for recycling containers, garbage cans, building and zoning permits, and even your current water/sewer bills if you choose to do so, but we would require a seperate check for the water/sewer bill.
    • Where do my taxes go?

      The taxes you pay at our office are collected for:
      Sayreville Board of Education  (approximately 55.52% of your tax is for Education)
      Borough of Sayreville             (approximately 27.85% of your tax is for local uses)
      Middlesex County                   (approximately 15.02% of your tax is for County uses)
      Middlesex County Open Space (approximately 1.23% of your tax is for County Open Space)
      Sayreville Open Space            (approximately .38% of your tax is for Sayreville Open Space)