Phone:  732 – 390 – 7011     

Dear Neighbor,

The Sayreville Emergency Squad is an independent non-profit VOLUNTEER corporation for the sole purpose of providing superior quality emergency medical and technical rescue services for FREE to the residents of Sayreville, and has been an organization supported and held with high regard by all the residents and every Mayor and Council of Sayreville since 1936 – that’s over 72 years!  We are operated primarily by your friends and neighbors who live in Sayreville and VOLUNTEER their time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you in your time of need.  We are made up of professional individuals who care about you and this town, because we live in this town.

We thank you for your continued support; and at this time of year, we ask that you take the time to consider your yearly pledge.  A number of factors have contributed to the increasing cost of running the Squad. Increasing call volume, operational equipment costs (particularly replacement apparatus), and a significant increase in administrative costs strain our annual fund drive.  Unlike some other squads or departments around the State, our ambulances and equipment are purchased by donations from people just like you.

To provide for the continued high quality service goals for our community, the Squad needs YOU to help.

Your Donations help us operate and continue to provide you with FREE Emergency Medical and Rescue Services.  Your help allows us to purchase First Aid Supplies, Oxygen, Defibrillators, Ambulances, and much more; all of which would cost you if a paid ambulance company came into town.

Unlike a paid ambulance company that simply provides transport at a very high cost to you, the Sayreville Emergency Squad provides the following services FOR FREE:


HEAVY RESCUE (Extrications with the Jaws of Life)



School, Sports, and Civic Organization Events upon request. 

Your Sayreville Volunteer Emergency Squad holds the same NJ State EMT certification as any paid ambulance, plus the Squad has additional training and equipment above and beyond a paid company.  Paid ambulance companies can charge you up to $1,500 per trip depending on your situation.  By supporting the Sayreville Emergency Squad and keeping EMS volunteer in Sayreville, you will NOT BE BILLED and will enable the Borough to save money by not raising taxes and prevents charges to you from your insurance company.  Not every ambulance trip by a paid service is covered by your insurance company and you could still be billed up to $1,500.  By enabling the Sayreville Emergency Squad to continue to function with your donation and support, you will enable every ambulance and rescue operation to be handled FOR FREE without any bills sent to you, and without your taxes being impacted!

Last year we answered over 3,500 calls, which increase every year!  Please continue to support us by enclosing your donation, which is tax deductible, to PO Box 9, Sayreville NJ 08871!  Also look forward to our upcoming open house to learn more about us!  Lastly, please remember that 911 is for true medical or life-threatening emergencies.  Thank you so much for believing in us for the past 72 years and for believing in us for another 72+ years!

All borough residents may tour our building and meet us! Call 732-390-7011.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, or would like more information, call us at 732-390-2923.