Pool Requirements

1.  Swimming pools shall comply with the following requirements: 

a.       No swimming pool shall be located closer than ten (10) feet to any side or rear lot line, or to any principal or accessory structure, excluding patios, and/or associated decking. 

b.       All pools shall be located behind the rear building line of the principal structure. 

c.       No private swimming pool shall be used other than as accessory to the principal use of the premises upon which it is located. 

d.       Elevated lights over four (4) feet in height used or maintained in connection with a private swimming pool shall be so located and shielded that the illumination there from is not directed upon any adjacent property and shall be turned off by 10:00 PM. 

e.       The yard area or portion of the yard area in which the pool is located shall be completely enclosed with a fence that is in compliance with the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code. 

f.        The pool may be lighted by either underwater or exterior lights provided all exterior lights are located so that the light is neither directed or reflected upon adjacent properties. All freestanding standards used for exterior lighting shall be no closer to the edge of the pool than its height All lighting shall be in compliance with the applicable State Uniform Construction Code.


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