The following applications and checklists will provide the information you will need to sell your home in Sayreville:

The procedure for all rental and resale applications will be as follows:

  • Create an account
  • Complete the application, make sure all information required (*) is accurate and then submit
  • Our office will review the application and forward an email with the appropriate fee usually within one business day.
  • Pay the fee online and request a preferred appointment date (Resales – Monday and Wednesday, Rentals – Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Upon receipt of the payment and review of the appointment request, our office will confirm the appointment or provide alternate dates via email.

Any questions, contact Joan Kemble at 732-390-7077 or

In order to ensure a timely turnaround, we encourage homeowners and/or realtors to contact our office when the home is first listed to check the file for any open permits that could potentially hold up a closing.  Our resale inspector will be checking for newly installed water heaters, furnaces, finished basements, and more at your inspection which could greatly impact a timely certificate.  We can't stress enough that filing for the required permits ahead of time reduces the risk of holding up a closing.  Being proactive will eliminate a lot of stress that selling a home can bring and proper planning will create a smooth transition for the Resale process.