Welcome to the Sanitation Division

If you have any questions about the information below please contact:

Main Sanitation office for information at 732-390-7043.


Sanitation Division Responsabilities
The automated refuse trucks in the Sanitation Division collect household garbage and excess trash from approximately 12,000 dwellings in the Borough of Sayreville.

  • We are responsible for the collection of excess trash in three zones, three times per year. 
  • Excess trash dates are April, July, and October.  Please note that mattresses MUST be wrapped in plastic. Please refer to the Recycling/Sanitation Guide for guidelines.
  • Leaf collections are currently being done during the months of November and December. This division is responsible for a spring leaf collection in the months of March and May.
  • Christmas trees and branches are combined in the collection during the winter months.  Tree limbs and wood products are collected from January through September. 
  • White Goods with refrigerants are collected on the fourth Thursday of each month according to the schedule. The remaining non-refrigerant white goods, except dishwashers, are collected on the fourth Friday of each month according to the schedule, except on Bulk trash collection months.   Please refer to the Recycling/Sanitation Guide or the Sanitation Calendar of Events.  All white goods and light iron are taken to a recycling depot designated by the recycling coordinator.
  • Fort Grumpy accepts co-mingled recyclables, leaves, grass, cardboard, computers, mixed paper, newspapers, branches, large tree parts, tires, light metals, iron, household trash, and heavy trash on Mondays and Fridays ONLY from 7:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. 



  • Zone I - Sayrewoods, Parkway Homes, Melrose, President Park, Oaktree North, Sherwood Forest, Patriot Hill, Upper Main Street (Hilltop Avenue area), Old Bridge, Munn's Village, Bordentown Avenue (Old Bridge to South Amboy), and Woodside Estates
  • Zone II - Morgan, Appletree Village, Morgan Heights, Oaktree East, Spinnaker Point, Laurel Park, Parlin area (including North Edward Street to end of Deerfield Road, and South Edward Street to Guest House), White Oaks, Upper Pine Brook, Hillcrest Homes, Washington Road (to corner of Marchut Court, both sides), and Deerfield Road,  (La Mer - leaves only)
  • Zone III - Sayreville Proper, Tangletown, Winding River, Towne Lake, Sayre Park, Lower Sayreville (including lower Pine Brook), Natures Walk, Horseshoe Road area, Oaktree West, Green Valley, Washington Village, Heritage Woods, and Washington Road (from corner of Marchut Court to bridge, both sides)


Heavy/bulk trash pickups will be made in April, July, and October 2024

  • ZONE 1 - APRIL 4, JULY 11 , OCTOBER 3
  • ZONE 2 - APRIL 11, JULY 18, OCTOBER 10
  • ZONE 3 - APRIL 18, JULY 25, OCTOBER 24

Bulk Pick Up Reminders

  • No special requests for additional bulk pickups
  • Bulk trash can be placed out starting the Monday of your scheduled week, but no later than Wednesday night. No green automated containers will be picked up with bulk trash
  • Glass and mirrors picked up curbside, MUST be broken prior to being set out.
  • Mattresses, box springs, and futons MUST be wrapped in plastic to be collected curbside.
  • Wood needs to be tied and bundled, NO bigger than four feet in length, and free of all nails.      

Green Trash Receptacles

If a resident has overflow trash that will not fit in a green Borough-issued trash receptacle another trash receptacle can be purchased, at the owner’s expense, for $78.00 in check or money order to be sent to the Public Works Office, located at 167 Main Street, Sayreville, NJ 08872 or the resident can utilize the drop box in the rear of the Municipal building. The Department of Public Works will confirm that the resident has no more than one receptacle, once confirmed the delivery of the trash receptacle will be delivered to the resident. Residential homeowners are only permitted two 95-gallon trash receptacles.

What To & Not to Dispose of in the Green Trash Receptacles:

Your green trash receptacles are for the disposal of REGULAR HOUSEHOLD WASTE ONLY.  Household waste is basically what is generated out of your kitchen and bath on a normal weekly basis.

The following items should NOT be placed in the green trash receptacle:

Recyclables, hot ashes, motor oil, solvents, paints, pool chemicals, hazardous materials, flammable liquids, dirt, sod, leaves, yard debris, wood, carpet, furniture, etc.