26-82.6 Accessory Structures and Uses


 A. General requirements. 

1.       No accessory structure may be built upon any lot on which there is no principal building or structure. 

2.       Except as provided for in Section 26-82.5, Height Exceptions, accessory structures in the MW, SW and I zones shall not exceed the height limit of the zoning district In the B-1, B-2, B-3, P0, G-1, PRIME and residential zones, no accessory structure shall exceed fifteen (15) feet In height.  

3.       Accessory structures in all zone districts shall be at least ten (10) feet from any other structure on the same lot excluding patios. 

4.       No accessory structure(s) shall be located in a required front yard or in any area, such as the “side” front yard of a coiner lot, where front yard setbacks apply. 

5.       Any accessory structure attached to the main budding shall be considered part of the main building. 

6.       Accessory buildings in residential zones shall be no greater than one hundred fifty (150) square feet in area. 

7.       On through lots, no accessory structure erected in the rear yard shall be nearer to the “rear street line than the minimum front yard setback for the zone in which such lot is located. 

8.       Except as provided in paragraph 7 above, minimum setbacks from side and rear lot lines for accessory structures shall be five (5) feet in residential zones and one-half (1/2) the side yard and/or rear yard setback in non-residential zones.


9.       Accessory buildings shall be architecturally similar to the principal building, to the extent possible.