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Easy Fall Foliage Recycling Ideas: Ways To Reuse Autumn’s Colorful Leaves At Home

When autumn comes and the fall foliage begins changing color, that usually means its time to break the rake out and start bagging up tons of fallen leaves. 
Many people just scoop the pounds upon pounds of brown, orange, and yellow leaves into bags and set them out on the curb.
However, there are many more productive things you can do with fallen leaves than just setting them out at the curb.
Here are 3 awesome ideas for recycling fall leaves:

#1 – Making Wreaths From Leaves

There’s perhaps no more festive a way to recycle fall foliage than to make
autumn leaf wreaths.


#2 – Mulching Leaves

No matter what type of gardening you do, there’s a very good chance you’re going to want some mulch to help keep moisture near the roots of your plants and to help beautify your flower beds and hedges. Raking leaves directly from the grass and into your flower beds is a fine way to mulch your garden. However, the better way would be to mow the leaves so they are chopped up and can enrich the soil more quickly.


#3 – Composting Leaves

Composting your fall foliage is a great way to make some incredibly nutritious and delicious (to plants, that is!) soil.
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Only leaves collected in biodegradable paper bags will be picked up by the Borough. Weight limit: 30 pounds. The bags are provided to residents at no charge, and are available with proof of residency. No plastic bags will be collected at curbside or acccepted at the recycling center.

See calendar of events for leaf pick up schedule.  or

  • Top 5 Reasons to Recycle

  • Conserves natural resources.

    Recycling conserves natural resources such as trees, water and minerals — preserving the environment for future generations.

  • Reduces the need for landfills.

    Recycling reduces the need for landfills and incinerators because when materials are recycled, less waste is sent to disposal facilities.

  • Prevents pollution.

    Recycling prevents pollution and reduces greenhouse gas emissions caused by the extracting and processing of raw materials.

  • Saves energy.

    Recycling saves energy by eliminating the need to extract and process raw materials.

  • Creates jobs.

    Recycling helps create new jobs in the United States for both the recycling industry and manufacturing.


      Please Recycle
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