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"Holiday Upcycling Idea"





Holiday Plant Can

Turn a recycling metal can into some cute homemade holiday decorations.





and one more idea for those cans....

A holiday center piece perfect for the holidays. Wrap upcycled soup cans in upholstery tape, and secure with twine. Place small rosemary plants in cans. Guests can take these home and use in cooking or to plant in their gardens.

Reduce - REUSE - Recycle





Do you know what day recycling is picked up? How about the proper way to dispose of an old air conditioner unit? All that information and much more is now available at your fingertips via the RECYCLE COACH app.
It's simple and easy to use.
To see your zone, just click on "View Schedule" and type in your address.
This free app provides residents in The Borough of Sayreville with sanitation and recycling information specific to their zone. The app along with our website features a monthly calendar of sanitation and recycling pick-up days, a search function that provides information on the proper way to dispose of specific items and tips on ways to reduce waste. Users can also set reminders to inform them of sanitation and recycling pick-up days, as well as directly report problems to the Public Works Department.
 Thanks to the Department of Environmental Protection who purchased RECYCLE COACH'S online technology, so residents can now access information through their smart devices. 

The RECYCLE COACH application download is available on the Google Play and Apple Store for free.

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