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Road Division  
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The Road Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 634 streets including, but not limited to tree trimming, sweeping and plowing, pot hole repairs, and storm water basin cleaning. 

Responsibilities include:

                   *Pot hole repairs                             *Line striping Borough road and
                   *Street sweeping                               Parking lots
                   *Maintenance of catch basins           *Emergency situations due to wind/
                   *Traffic Signal maintenance                 flooding
                   *Street and Regulator signs              *Maintenance of drainage ditches
                   *Snow Removal/Ice Treatment          *Maintenance of Borough easements
                                                                         and Right-of-Ways
                                                                      *Roadside cleanup


 Roads to be paved in 2O2l
a. Church Street
b. Smullen Street
c. Heims Lane
d. Ernston Road (Westminster Boulevard to Oakwood Drive)
e. Ernston Road/Lorraine Avenue (Garden State Parkway to Mason Avenue)
f. Albert Street
g. French Street
h. Avon Way
i. Stradford Road j. Midnight Street
k. Sophie Street
l. Vernon Street (Deborah Street to cul-de-sac)
m. Oakwood Drive (Ernston Road to Dead End)
n. Scheid Drive (Ernston Road to Oakwood Drive)
o. Lewandoski Place (Oakwood Drive to Scheid Drive)
p. Rosinski Place (Scheid Drive to Dead End)
q. Czaplinski Place (Scheid Drive to Dead End)

Roads paved in 2020
a. Keegan Place
b. Thomas Street
c. lda Street
d. Hillside Avenue
e. Harkins Street
f. Tower Lane
g. Allgair Avenue
h. Cheesequake Road
1. Haig Street j. Foch Street
k. Bailey Place
l. Pershing Avenue

Roads paved in 2019
a. Pulaski Avenue
b. Warwick Road
c. Yorkshire Place
d. Devonshire Road
e. Pillar Drive
f. MacArthur Avenue
g. Partial Road Repairs
1. Fouratt Avenue
2. Rhode Street
3. Oakwood Drive
4. Fort Grumpy Access Drive

Roads paved in 2018
1. Chevalier Avenue (Oak to Dead End)
2. North Ernston Road
3. Main Street Extension
4. Haag Street
5. Norton Street
6. Vineyard Avenue
7. Partial Road Repairs
1. South Mininsink Avenue
2. Ridge Avenue
3. Union Avenue
4. Roosevelt Boulevard
5. Robin Place
6. Truman Avenue

Roads paved in 2017
1. Zaleski Drive (Creamer to Simms)
2. Gillen Drive (Martha to Dusko)
3. Embroidery Street
4. Jackson Avenue
5. Smith Street
6. Charles Street

Roads paved in 2016
a. Henry Street
b. Standiford Avenue (Forrest Avenue to Cul-de-sac)
c. Kath Street
d. Dolan Avenue
e. McCutcheon Avenue
f. Quaid Street
g. Muth Street
h. Thomas Avenue

Roads paved in 2015
a. Henslers Lane
b. Martins Lane
c. Zaleski Drive (Creamer Drive to Wilmont Road)
d. Such Street
e. Karen Street
f. Stephen Avenue
g. Ninth Street
h. Cliff Avenue West

Roads paved in 2014
a. Ernston Road (Oakwood Drive to Garden State Parkway)
b. Richards Drive
c. Willow Street
d. Piech Place
e. Oak Street (Andrejewski Drive to Old Route 4)
f. Old Cheesequake Road

Roads paved in 2013
a. Greenhill Avenue
b. Horseshoe Road
c. Glenwood Avenue
d. Modzelewski Terrace
e. Cambridge Road
f. Sherwood Road
g. William Street (Old Bridge Area)
h. Hart Street

Roads paved in 2012
a. Taft Place
b. Marsh Avenue (South)
c. Gondek Drive

Roads paved in 2011
a. South Pine Avenue
b. Stevens Avenue

Roads paved in 2010

Roads paved in 2009
a. Liberty Street
b. Lincoln Street
c. Luke Street
d. Madison Street
e. Parker Street
f. Woodland Avenue
g. Cori Street
h. Harrison Street
i. Harrison Street (Alley)
j. Stegiel Place

Roads paved in 2008
a. Grove Street
b. Jersey Street
c. Thomas Street
d. Wickshire Boulevard

Roads paved in 2007
a. Bayview Avenue
b. Grand Street
c. Manor Street
d. Wessco Street

Roads paved in 2006
a. Kim Ann Place
b. Tannehill Lane
c. North Edward Street
d. William Street
e. Kupsch Street

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