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Code Enforcement & Zoning  
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Code Enforcement & Zoning Department

49 Dolan Street

Sayreville, NJ 08872

Zoning Officer - Andrew Mashanski - 732-390-7004

Code Enforcement - 732-390-7028


The Planning & Zoning office is responsible for administering and enforcing the Borough's Zoning, Subdivision and Site Plan Review Ordinances. The office reviews certain building permit applications to ensure compliance with the zoning ordinance. This office is also responsible for planning activities related to the long-term development of the community. This is largely accomplished through amending and updating the Borough's Master Plan.  To view the current zoning map click here.

Zoning issues often arise when homeowners seek to construct fences and sheds. Zoning approval is required for all fences and sheds regardless of their height and/or size. Building permits are required for fences over six feet in height and for sheds larger then 100 sq feet in area. The Building Office should be contacted to obtain permits.

Home based businesses can be operated from a residential property, subject to satisfying the standards in the zoning ordinance. These standards are intended to ensure that the home-based business does not negatively impact the residential character of the neighborhood.

For information regarding opening a business in Sayreville and obtaining a Mercantile License please go to Business In Sayreville Code Enforcement & Zoning.

For information on zoning and planning matters call (732) 390-7004. You may also reference our General Ordinances for further information; review the Zoning Index for proper direction regarding Borough policy.

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