April 21, 2021
2:14 PM

Economic & Redevelopment Agency  
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2020-2021 MEMBERS

Michael D'Addio, Chairman

Donald Newton, Vice Chairman
Thomas Pollando
Janet Rzepka
Kenneth Scott
Dennis Grobelny
Rosetta Fisher
Mary Novak, Councilwoman
Vincent Conti, Councilman
Joseph Ambrosio, Executive Director
Michael Baker, SERA Atty

The SERA Agency will be meeting virtually until further notice. 

The Agenda and Notice of Electronic Meetings showing the dial
in information can be found on the

 Borough of Sayreville Meetings Page


September 24, 2020   Workshop & Regular - 6:30 PM
October 22, 2020       
Workshop & Regular - 6:30 PM
November 12, 2020    Workshop & Regular - 6:30 PM
December 10, 2020    Workshop & Regular - 6:30 PM
January 28, 2021        Workshop & Regular - 6:30 PM
February 25, 2021      Workshop & Regular - 6:30 PM

March 25, 2021           Workshop & Regular - 6:30 PM
April 22, 2021             Workshop & Regular - 6:30 PM
May 27, 2021              Workshop & Regular - 6:30 PM
June 24, 2021             Workshop & Regular - 6:30 PM
July 8, 2021                Reorganization - 6:30 PM

Joseph P. Ambrosio, Executive Director/Secretary
Sayreville Economic & Redevelopment Agency
167 Main Street
Sayreville, New Jersey 08872
Telephone:  732-390-7010


SERA By-Laws



The Sayreville Economic and Redevelopment Agency was formed in 1997 and operates pursuant to the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law (N.J.S.A. 40A:  12A-1 et. seq.)


The Agency shall be vested with the powers and privileges conferred upon Redevelopment Agencies by the Laws of the State of New Jersey and by the United States of America, including the power and authority to participate in any state or federal program for the clearance, replanning, development and redevelopment of a blighted area after same has been determined as such and a Redevelopment Plan is approved by ordinances of the Borough of Sayreville.  Such powers shall include the authority to enter into all agreements, to issue such obligations and to exercise the rights and duties necessary or appropriate to accomplish its established objectives and to participate in any relevant program available to it under applicable laws.

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