December 06, 2016
5:08 AM

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Year 2016 Council President – Co. _Daniel Buchanan
ADMINISTRATIVE & FINANCE                                   Co.  Mary J. Novak
                                                                                    Co.  Steven Grillo
                                                                                    Co.  Victoria Kilpatrick
PLANNING & ZONING                                                Co.  Steven Grillo  
                                                                                    Co.  Arthur Rittenhouse
                                                                                    Co.  Pat Lembo
PUBLIC SAFETY:                                                         Co. Pat Lembo
                                                                                    Co. Daniel Buchanan
                                                                                    Co. Arthur Rittenhouse
PUBLIC WORKS:                                                         Co.  Victoria Kilpatrick
                                                                                    Co.  Mary J. Novak
                                                                                    Co.  Daniel Buchanan
RECREATION:                                                              Co.  Daniel Buchanan
                                                                                    Co.  Victoria Kilpatrick
                                                                                    Co.  Mary J. Novak
WATER & SEWER/ENVIRONMENTAL:                        Co.  Arthur Rittenhouse
                                                                                    Co.  Pat Lembo
                                                                                    Co.  Steven Grillo

Year 2016 Council President      –     Co. Daniel Buchanan
            ADMINISTRATIVE & FINANCE                           
            Administration                                                        Co.  Mary J. Novak
            Department of Insurance                                         Co.  Steven Grillo         
            Excise                                                                    Co.  Victoria Kilpatrick
            Tax Collector
            Tax Assessor
            PLANNING & ZONING                                          
            Planning Board                                                       Co. Steven Grillo
            Board of Adjustment                                               Co.  Arthur Rittenhouse
            Community Development                                        Co.  Pat Lembo
            Construction Official                                    
            Electrical Sub-Code Official                      
            Economic Development                                            
            Public Housing Authority
            Plumbing Sub-Code Official                      
            Fire Sub-Code Official
            PUBLIC SAFETY:                                                    
            Police                                                                     Co. Pat Lembo
            Fire                                                                        Co. Daniel Buchanan
            Emergency Management                                          Co. Arthur Rittenhouse        
            Municipal Court                                                              
            Board of Health                                                              
            Animal Control Officer
            PUBLIC WORKS:                                                    
            Buildings & Grounds                                                Co.  Victoria Kilpatrick
            Lights                                                                    Co.  Mary J. Novak
            Parks Maintenance                                                  Co.  Daniel Buchanan            
            Road Dept                                                         
            Sanitation Dept.                                                              
            Parks Dept.                                       
            Shade Tree Commission
            Rent Leveling Board
            Library                                                                      Co.  Daniel Buchanan
            Office on Aging                                                          Co.  Victoria Kilpatrick
            Cultural Arts                                                              Co.  Mary J. Novak
            Commuter Advisory 

            Water                                                                          Co.  Arthur Rittenhouse
            Sewer                                                                          Co.  Pat Lembo
            Environmental                                                              Co.  Steven Grillo






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