February 26, 2021
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Animal Licensing  
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Animal Licensing

Licensing your Dog/Cat is a New Jersey State Law

Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 8:23A-4.2, in order to issue a dog/cat license, the pet owner must first supply to the licensing clerk a rabies vaccination certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian indicating that the animal’s duration of immunity extends throughout at least the first ten months of the twelve month licensing period. Vaccinations that expire prior to October 31st of the licensing year are deemed expired, therefore a new inoculation must be received. Boostering an animal before expiration of the previous vaccine has not been associated with an increased occurrence of adverse reactions and is not medically contraindicated. If your dog or cat cannot be vaccinated due to illness or other reasons a note from your vet is required.

If your dog or cat is spayed/neutered proof must be submitted.

Once you move into the Borough of Sayreville you have 10 days to license your animal.

Animal licenses in the Borough of Sayreville expire June 30th  each year. You can renew anytime between January 2nd and June 30th. Cash or Check only

It is the pet owner’s responsibility to relicense their pet annually.

The Borough Clerk’s Office may send out renewal reminders as a courtesy every January and a final reminder every August to all previously licensed pet owners. These are not bills. If you no longer own the pet or your pet is deceased please inform the Borough Clerk’s office as soon as possible to remove the animal from the system.


Neutered/Spayed Dogs: $15.00 * Unaltered Dogs: $18.00 *

Neutered/Spayed Cats: $13.00 * Unaltered Cats: $16.00 *

There are no late fees for new licenses.


Late Fees are as follows:

Effective July 1st: Additional $10.00

Effective August 1st: Additional $15.00

Effective September 1st: Additional $25.00

Beginning July 1st:

                Spayed/neutered cats - $23.00     
                Not altered cats - $26.00
                Spayed/neutered dogs - $25.00   
                Not altered - $28.00

Beginning August 1st:

                Spayed/neutered cats - $28.00
                Not altered cats - $31.00
                Spayed/neutered dogs - $30.00
                Not altered - $33.00

Beginning September 1st:

                Spayed/neutered cats - $38.00
                Not altered cats - $41.00
                Spayed/neutered dogs - $40.00
                Not altered - $43.00

Summons with mandatory court appearance will be issued starting September 1st.

There is a free rabies clinic hosted by Middlesex County that usually takes place in the Borough of Sayreville the first Saturday in May each year. The shots are given out by a local licensed vet and the clinic takes place at the Borough Garages behind the main Borough Hall building.







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