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Code Enforcement & Zoning  
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Requirements to open a Business in Sayreville:
Getting Started……Where does a business owner begin?
When a business is interested in locating/moving into Sayreville, the first question to ask is if the potential location supports the proposed business use.  This entails a phone call or visit to the Borough Zoning Officer.  The Zoning Officer can then assist in determining the zone of the property and if the business would be a permitted use.  As well, if the zoning of the property is known, the business owner can check the zoning code on the Borough website ( to preliminarily gauge whether or not the business would be permitted on the proposed site.
Ideally the use would be permitted in the zone; however, each case is unique.  It is possible that there may be a gray area for the use, or that the use may not be permitted in that zone.  The business owner does have options for addressing these scenarios:

  • In the rare instance that there is a gray area as to whether the use is permitted, the business owner may submit a request to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for interpretation , to see if the use would be acceptable on the site.


  • If the use is not permitted in the zone, the business owner may submit an application to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for a Use Variance.  Additionally, the timeframe for this process varies per application and may take multiple months as some applications may require TRC (Technical Review) due to the nature of the application.

        ANDREW MASHANSKI (732) 390-7004 OR, IN PERSON AT:

                                                   49 DOLAN STREET
                                                   SAYREVILLE, NJ  08872
                                                  Monday- Friday
                                                  8:00 am to 4:00 pm
If the use is permitted in the zone, the next determination is if any improvements are required or, planned whether internally or externally for the site (ie. parking, lighting, additional seating).  If there will be site improvements that require Planning Board and/or Zoning Board of Adjustment approval (as determined by the Land Use Regulations of the Borough), the next step is to make an application to the appropriate board.  The application and submittal requirements may be obtained from the Planning and/or Zoning Board of Adjustment areas of the Borough or from the website ( - Land Use Ordinance starting at Section 26-7; 5.1.
If there are no improvements that trigger a board review, the business owner needs to officially apply for a Zoning Permit for the proposed use.  This is to make sure that parking, signage, landscaping, any necessary site cleanup and other needs are addressed.
Registering a business…..What licenses are required?
The Borough of Sayreville requires that certain types of businesses obtain a Mercantile License.  The majority of licenses are issued through the Office of Code Enforcement with the following exception:

  • A License to serve alcoholic beverages - this type of license may be obtained through the Borough Clerk’s Office.

When opening a business in Sayreville owners should visit the Office of Code Enforcement for any information and/or requirements or, review the General Ordinance 8-2 on the website (  The Office of Code Enforcement is located at:
                                                49 Dolan Street
                                                Sayreville, NJ  08872
                                                (732) 390-7077
                                                Monday – Friday
                                                8:00 am to 4:00 pm











































































































































































































































































































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