October 25, 2016
6:06 AM

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016 – Last day to Register to Vote for the General Election.

Sample Ballots are posted on the County Clerk’s WEB site and may be seen at the following link:

 Sample Ballot




Voters Encouraged to Ensure Information is Updated for Upcoming Elections


Starting college is one of the most exciting times in a student's life, but for those attending an out-of-state school, added difficulties arise. 
One of the greatest challenges these students face is registering to vote.
Trying to navigate voter registration brings with it with it a slew of questions like: Will it affect financial aid? Can parents still claim you on their taxes? Do you need a new driver's license? Given the number of questions to sort through and the difficulty of finding truthful answers online, it’s easy to see why only 45% of young voters cast a ballot in the last presidential election.  
To help ease this time of transition, recently published a voting guide for students, which is useful for both first-time and out-of-state voters. Information includes:

We want to empower students to vote by letting them know their vote matters and helping them cut through the red tape required to get to the polls.

19th Legislative District, 6th Congressional District

1 & 9                                            Mickey Sedlak Recreation Center, Dolan Street, Sayreville
2                                                   Engine Co. No. 1, MacArthur Avenue, Sayreville
3 & 10 & 18 & 30 & 32             Sayreville Senior Center, Main St., Sayreville
4 & 15 & 27                                 Knights of Columbus, Washington Road, Parlin
5                                                  Melrose Hose Co., Oak Street, South Amboy
6 & 17 & 22                                Jesse Selover School, Lincoln Street, South Amboy
7 & 23 & 29                                Wilson School, Dane Street, Sayreville
8 & 25 & 35                                Morgan Fire House, Old Spye Rd., So. Amboy
11 & 12 & 24                               President Park Fire House, Roosevelt Blvd., Parlin
13 & 14 & 21                               Samsel Upper Elementary School, Ernston Road, Parlin
16                                                Emma Arleth School, Johnson’s Lane Entrance, Parlin
19 & 20                                      Eisenhower School, Ernston Road, Parlin
26                                              Truman School, Taft Place, Parlin
28 & 33                                     V.F.W. #4699, Jernee Mill Road, Sayreville
31 & 34                                      LaMer Community Recreation Center, 100 Nathan Blvd., Parlin


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